Marketing on Instagram

Instagram currently has over 500 million active users which gives advertisers a big opportunity to reach their target audiences by doing ads on the app. The ads that run on Instagram typically look just like regular posts from brands. The types of ads that I see are typically things that are geared toward my demographic.  Someone between the ages of 25-35 who uses online apps. I also notice the sponsored posts that I see on Instagram being similar to the things that I am already following or hash tagging. Sponsored ads such as “stash_app” which is an app that helps you save money (I currently use an app called Acorns for that), “Amazon video” (which I have a subscription to but do not follow on Instagram), and “wagwalking” (which is an app to book dog walking services) These sponsored ad examples are from services that based on my posts, who I’m following, and my mobile habits are rightfully targeted to me. I use mobile search for about 80% of my searches on a daily and given all this information, Instagram targets their sponsored posts appropriately and there have been several times where I found myself downloading an app or following a brand due to the ad. One of the easiest ways to get me to do that is if the sponsored add offers a giveaway or promotion for downloading or following the brand. These are great tactics as I, (as most people) love free or discounted things. Another way that Instagram is useful for marketing is when a brand contacts you through direct message to ask you to review or come visit their business for free for a review. This is something that I have experienced based on the content that I put out on Instagram and is one of the best ways that marketing on Instagram is reflected in my personal life.


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