Marketing Implications of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media networks and even more powerful as a marketing platform. It is the most visited social networking site. Compared to traditional marketing, Facebook is focused on content sharing and making things go viral thus making your target audience grow faster. Typical Facebook users share photos, videos, news, and various other content to their network of friends on the site. Facebook users also share reviews of their experiences and comment on each other’s posts which creates a sense of trustworthiness. After all, we typically trust our friends and their suggestions. I personally, use the check-in feature a lot on my Facebook profile. This allows me to check-in at restaurants and other interesting places. Not only does that allow my friends to see where I am and potentially join me (which has happened), it makes it to where people know they can ask me my thoughts on the place that I’m at and if it’s worth it for them to check out. Sort of like new age word of mouth marketing. When you check in to a business directly, you’re tagging the business page and can write a review directly. This can sometimes lead to a business responding to your review and allows others to see your review. Another example of how I am affected by Facebook marketing is when I see ads on Facebook based on retargeting of searches that I’ve done. These usually cause me to click on them as they are promoting something that I was already searching for online. Facebook feeds ads to consumers this way. This method of marketing helps business with their reach and almost tailor their ads to whoever is looking at them. “The benefits for organizations of marketing on Facebook we have seen above are lower communication costs, personalized and directed advertising.” Retargeting search ads through Facebook is one of the best ways that Facebook can target ads to consumers and the social aspect of the site as a whole helps with traditional word of mouth style marketing.


Ramsaran-Fowdar, Rooma Roshnee. Fowder, Sooraj. ‘The Implications of Facebook Marketing for OrganizationsContemporary Management Research 9.1 (2013): 73-84.


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