Marketing Campaign Evaluations

One of the most important parts of a marketing campaign is to evaluate the effectiveness of companies’ advertising. Two different ways that a company could conduct an evaluation are Click-Through and monitoring “Web Chat”. These two methods of evaluation are both geared toward the digital space and are both great methods of evaluation. “Click-throughs” are clicks that advertisers receive on their ads. Click-through rate measures the number of clicks ads receive on their ads per number of impressions. (Kim, n.d.) “The number of click-throughs provides an idea of how many people see an online ad, click it, and go to the website.” (Baack, 2014) This is a benefit due to knowing how many people are seeing your ad and gaging how many people it will reach. One of the drawbacks to this type of evaluation however is the fact that click-throughs don’t guarantee conversions (when the click-through converts to a sale). Evaluating the click through rate is beneficial however, the click-through rate doesn’t always correlate to sales.

The second effective method of evaluation is “web chat”. This is a method of evaluating large amounts of opinions and comments on the web across sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and other websites. This form of evaluation allows you to see real-time information about how people feel about the brand. One of the best parts of web chat evaluation is that companies are able to respond to consumer issues in real-time and resolve those issues. This leaves consumers with great impressions of the brand. To where, even if they didn’t have the best experience with the company, the response that the company gives can completely change the experience. Another benefit is the fact that you are able to hear consumer sentiment from the consumers. For example, Gaylord Hotels discovered that the first 20 minutes of a guest’s visit to their hotel were the most critical and several factors affected the likelihood that guests would return. (Baack, 2014) One of the drawbacks of web chat is that when the opinions of consumers are monitored, they are being monitored from public sites. Any type of dissatisfaction could reflect negatively on the brand and is already out in the world wide web to see.

Whether you are wanting to know how many people viewed online content or what consumers thought of it, both click-throughs and web chat evaluations have many advantages and disadvantages. Companies just need to figure out what works best for them.




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