Go Pro Research Idea

Go Pro is the product that I’ve chosen in my previous discussion. The research strategy that I am recommending is experiential marketing. Research by Google and Ogilvy suggests that consumers are more influenced by word of mouth when making a purchase than by print, TV, movies and brand websites. (Consumer behavior comes under the spotlight in new study, n.d.)  Experiential marketing seeks to engage consumers with the brand instead of just giving a sample. “It combines direct marketing, field marketing, and sales promotions into a single consumer experience.” (Kenneth E. Clow, 2014) Experiential marketing tackles the following questions and emotions

Feeling – What will it feel like to use your product or service?

Sensing – How do customers physically sense your product?

Thinking – How obvious can you make the benefits of your product through demonstration? Can you hint at an untapped ocean of potential behind the short demo?

Acting – Changes in behavior can be highly motivational and empowering. What behaviors will your product help to facilitate?

Relating – How does your product or service link the customer to others, to things or even to a projection of their future self? (Pinner, 2014)


This research strategy will answer certain brand questions to help make decisions about further advertisements. Also, it will create more brand awareness. With Go Pro being such an active brand, having an interactive experience with potential customers will fall right in line with the brand.



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Shreckengast, B. (2016, January 14). 6 Reasons Everyone is Moving to Dallas-Ft. Worth. Retrieved from Sparefoot.com: https://www.sparefoot.com/moving/moving-to-dallas-tx/6-reasons-everyone-is-moving-to-dallas-fort-worth/




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