Re-branding of Burger King

The company that I would choose to re-brand would be Burger King. The King seems to be a bit befuddled with what he is doing currently. Right now he’s trying really hard to keep up with fellow Fast Food giants McDonald’s, Hardee’s/Carl’s Junior, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut by offering comparable meal deals such as the new 2 for $10 deal. For $10 you get two Whoppers, two small fries, and two small drinks. Given that the other Fast Food fellows are highlighting individual meal deals, and most couples aren’t going to Burger King for date night, it makes you wonder, who exactly is Burger King targeting?

First things first, ideally we would want to figure out the key demographic. It was previously thought to be males 18-35 years of age. However, this was not the average customer which is way more broad and given that statically speaking everyone eats fast food equally, the idea should be to target a wide wage of customers.

We would then want to see how we are doing competitively, and as I’ve mentioned, other fast food giants are offering affordable, single meals in the $4-$5 range. This is more ideal as budget conscience customers are looking for a quick deal during their lunch or dinner. Couples aren’t necessarily looking for budget conscience meals at a fast food restaurant. More focus should be put on single meal deals.

Next, we would want to introduce healthier items to the menu (including the single meal deals). This will give the health conscience options as there aren’t as many healthy fast food options. Also, since healthy fast food options are favored more by women, it could potentially lead to more family sales as woman are typically the primary household consumers.

Ultimately, making these changes could potentially lead to bigger US sales and give Burger King a seat at the table with the other Fast Food Kings and potentially dominate.


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